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China and Russia jointly claim ownership of Moon and Mars in 70:30 ratio : Obama furious

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If you thought that the fights involving the three most powerful nations – America, China and Russia –were limited to land, air, sea and more recently for online (internet) space then we are sorry to tell you that you are not aware of this latest development which these countries’ bosses have been able to keep a highly guarded secret so far.
The ability to routinely move throughout and work in the volume of space between Earth and Moon (cislunar space) is key to both space permanence and space control. Space permanence means having vehicle assets on call in space for use as needed, as well as being able to position them at strategic spots where they can be reliably stored until required. Space control simply means the ability to provide space assets for national purposes when needed and to deny similar assets to an adversary if necessary. Both permanence and control are demonstrated by positioning satellites in cislunar space, lunar orbit, the L-points, and all parts of space in between. (Source : space.comSee also : Big Space Missions of 2014 (
According to the latest reports from White House, Kremlin and Beijing, received by F4Fnews a short while ago, indicate that fresh tensions are building up among the top 3 over their respective claims involving space on Moon and Mars. In a highly secret pact, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have mutually agreed for 30:70 ownership of Moon as well as Mars and for setting up of a joint space defense station manned by highly skilled space scientists to safeguard their interests at the two most sought after space assets. It is understood that while China will be main contributor in terms of financing the whole project, Russia would provide all its technological know-how, manpower and training facilities, and ground assault services, as and when necessary to achieve their objectives.

Russia, formerly the Soviet Union, has long been at the forefront of the space frontier, beginning 50 years ago with the historic Oct. 4, 1957 launch of Sputnik - the world's first artificial satellite. The country is believed to be much more advanced in terms of space technology than China that is only recently pushing its missions more vigorously and aggressively. It must be noted that the Chinese space program, run by their military (the People’s Liberation Army), is highly secretive and it involves both civilian and military use. The space partnership between Russia and China is seen as a direct threat to the United States. The American space agency, NASA, has such missions strictly for scientific (and peaceful) purposes and they are quite transparent known to the scientific community worldwide.

President Obama has called for an emergency meeting of his key allies and sounded an alarm to NASA scientists to work out a strategy to defeat the Sino-Russian efforts to illegally occupy assets in the outer space. He also asked them to immediately set up a suitable missile defense system to destroy the rivals’ terminals set up at different locations on the space super highways with mischievous intentions to block American scientists from reaching and using their own legitimate space assets. The Chinese strategy fundamentally differs from the American plan to explore the possibility of human habitation and plan for that as early as possible. China (with the support of Russia) wants to occupy and take control of a large number of key strategic spots en route the outer space so that it can, not only hinder the free movement of others towards these planets but make it nearly impossible for others to reach there. "Moon and Mars belong to NASA and nobody on earth can snatch these assets from Americans," said a furious Obama when never asked about the latest conspiracy between China and Russia against the United States.

India’s Mangalayan 

India, on the other hand, successfully launched the most fuel efficient Mars mission through its Mangalayan. But the country seems to have absolutely no clue regarding the latest partnership between Putin and Jinping. The news is that President Obama may seek the support of Narendra Modi to counter the Sino-Russian latest move to colonize both Moon as well as Mars. Although Modi is not expected to stake any claim on these vital space assets, he will certainly expect billions of dollars’ worth investment in India to implement hi dream ‘Make In India’ project by compelling the United States to set up manufacturing units for all its space related equipment and also award all future contracts of transportations to Mars and Moon. In view of India’s unique position in the global power triangle involving America, China and Russia, it won’t be difficult for Modi to have a good bargain with President Obama in this matter, thanks to the macho image Modi has been able to create of himself among the world leaders due to the massive public support at home.

Since everyone seems to have got bored with the ongoing conventional fights for out-of-date assets on earth, it is highly likely that the fight for assets in the outer space is going to escalate in 2015 setting a new trend and new interstate global relationships. The weapons of Mass destruction of George W. Bush appear to have lost their relevance in today's already destructed world.

A highly placed source at the UN told F4Fnews : “Given the way future power struggles are shaping mainly because of China’s rising wealth and Putin’s defiance of international laws, I won’t be surprised if this year’s UN Summit is held on either Moon or Mars.” 

It may not be difficult for the big 3 to host the next UN General Assembly meeting in the outer space but we really wonder how many heads of states will be willing to participate given the risks of flying to Moon or Mars.

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