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Dress Code : India's political class will have uniforms from January 26

A Very Happy New Year 2015 to all readers from our Faking4Fun team at F4Fnews channel

We are sure, the new year's first news from us will bring cheers especially to all the ruling parties and their all ministers. In addition, this news is going to be equally important and cheerful to all the officially registered and elected active workers and leaders of all political parties in the country. 
The world's first from India for India's political class

F4Fnews has learned from its dedicated sources in Delhi that the central government is going to introduce a compulsory dress code for all ministers (central, and in states), MLAs, MPs of all political parties. There will also be a dress code for all official office bearers of all registered political parties as per their status in the respective party. The government has already alerted all political parties to submit 5 designs or styles of their preferred uniform that they would like to have for all of their eligible members. They will have to have different uniform for each level of their party organisation. A committee comprising of unspecified number of members representing PMO, home minitry and textile ministry will shortlist two designs from those submitted and send it to the Prime Minister for the final selection and approval.

The scheme in the name of 'Bharat Ka Sevak Poshak' will come into force from January 26 under the "National Dress Code Act 2015". Every uniform will have 'Bharat Ka Sevak' embroidered in tricolour. Each eligible person will get 4 uniforms every year under the scheme. Needless to say, this new year gift to all those who fight with each other so that we, the citizens, can live peacefully, will be provided at the government's expense. 

Our sources tell us that US President Barack Obama's feedback is also being sought on this scheme and efforts are being made to get Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton for the inauguration of the scheme on India's Republic Day.

The government has made it clear that this dress code will not be applicable to PM Narendra Modi who has to meet a large number of foreign dignitaries every day. "Wearing a uniform all the time will affect our county's image and our foreign policy initiatives might get jolted," a senior minister of the NDA government, told us on the condition of anonymity. "Narendra Modi is now not only India's PM but he is considered to be among the top 10 world leaders due to his personality, governance and overall effectiveness. Moreover, he has become a fashion symbol in the country and abroad thanks to his very fine sense of dressing. His dress designers have to follow every minute detail about his dressing depending on at least fifty different parameters," he said. 

According to our sources in the textile ministry, some national level fashion institutes in the country are even encouraging their students to undertake studies on PM Modi's Fashion sense for their Ph.D. programmes. Perhaps some Ph.D. students are already doing research on this subject. 

F4Fnews has learned that general public, by and large, favours the exclusion of Prime Minister from the National Political Class Dress Code Act 2015 but the Congress party has called BJP's decision hypocritical which only proves that they are hypocrites and Modi government is only for the elites. Rahul Gandhi, in a yet to be released press release, said : "We support the National Dress Code Act 2015 and welcome the 'Bharat Ka Sevak scheme' but strongly demand that the prime minister should also be made to wear a uniform like all others. His exclusion is discriminatory and against the spirit of our constitution which believes in equality." F4Fnews has, so far, failed to get in touch with Narendra Modi for his comments on this issue.

F4Fnews has also learned that several highly experienced senior and seasoned politicians have warned about the possible hazards and risks involved with the implementation of 'Bharat Ka Sevak' Poshak scheme. They even feel that the scheme is 'dangerous' for the entire political class. According to them the use of uniforms will make them exposed to public all the time and when any public demonstrations or protests are held, they would become easy targets of public anger. They don't want to risk their lives because they visualise more frequent instances of public unrest in coming times due to unbearable corruption, rising prices of essential commodities, increasing taxes every now and then, rising pollution and lack of basic amenities like water, electricity, roads etc. "Public fury would get amplified when they would see 'Bharat Ka Sevak' stamped people among them thus making these (fake) sevaks their easy targets for attacks," said a very senior and widely acknowledged leader who narrowly missed getting the PM's post in the past.

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