Saturday, January 3, 2015

Google Game : China Bans Jack Ma's Alibaba in China

Google Game : Jack Ma Vs Xi Jinping
F4Fnews has just learned that, in an urgently promulgated directive, President Xi Jinping has banned Alibaba Group's internet operations including their ecommerce websites with immediate effect. However, sources from Beijing have told us that Xi is holding private talks with Alibaba founder Jack Ma in close door meetings. It is believed that unofficially Ma has been allowed 15 days’ time to sort out all the issues related with his company's ban.

According to F4Fnews sources Ma's decision to go for New York Stock Exchange rejecting Hong Kong for Alibaba's IPO listing is being used as a ploy by Jinping to arm-twist Ma for reasons best known to the two most powerful people of China.

F4Fnews is trying to gather more information related with this sudden unexpected development.

Some fake, but fully awake, sources close to the internet giant, Google, have told F4Fnews that China's efforts to kick the tiger out of the dragon are going to cost Xi Jinping very dearly given the popularity enjoyed by Ma and his massive youth following in China. The extensive use and reliance on Gmail, which has been banned in China, by Chinese corporates and modern liberal-minded youth has shaken the Communist Party of China which feels threatened by the freedom of internet. The CPC wants to have its own 'Chinese Internet' that can be controlled by the Party. Alibaba's Ma's leaning towards the West is being seen as a sign of a serious threat to the Party. Google's support to Ma in fighting with the Chinese authorities for his rights is also under Beijing’s scanner.     

Alibaba, founded by Jack Ma in 1998, in his early 30s, became a public company by getting listed on the New York Stock Exchange on September 19, 2014. This made Alibaba China's Amazon and Ma became China's Bill Gates winning the title of China's richest man having a net worth of $25 billion. On the day of listing itself, Alibaba enjoyed a market cap of around $230 billion which was higher than that of companies like Twitter, Facebook and even its American counterpart, Amazon.

Jack Ma has been enjoying being the most talked about person in the world's leading media outlets. So much so that he has even overshadowed China's most powerful man, President Xi Jinping. Ma's popularity in China can be gauged from the general feeling prevailing amongst a vast majority of Chinese people that if China permits open elections today, Ma could even replace Jinping.

Although everyone looks at his $30 billion and feel envy of his wealth, very few realize that being the richest person in China may be dangerous. It may be like sitting, walking, and even sleeping on an open ground full of thorns. Today's developments clearly prove this. The man who believes that "if you're poor at 35, you deserve it," seems to be facing serious trouble at 50. 

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