Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Mangalgram" plotting scheme on Mars, Get ready for booking

F4Fnews has come to know that a consortium of top Indian builders has been formed to tap the huge potential for real estate projects on Mars. This is the first time in India, that builders of different hues and colors having conflicting interests on earth have come together and joined hands with the aim of making India the super power of 'All Things S' - a short form of All Things Space i.e. everything related with the field of space.

F4Fnews has learned from NRI sources, close to top decision makers, that the builders' consortium (code named "Mangalam") has PM Modi's blessings. A special purpose vehicle (SPV) - Mars Reality World Ltd. (MRWL) - is shortly going to be announced under the government's PPPP (People-Public-Private Partnership) model - a new model which was mooted by Narendra Modi even before he became the prime minister.

If the NRI sources, who are actively participating in India's mega show currently being held in Gandhinagar under the banners of 'Pravasi Bharatiya Divas' and 'Vibrant Gujarat,' are to be believed, the government has offered some 25000 acres of land on a total token rent of Re. 1 per 100 years. The land will be utilized for setting up of 'All Things S - from space crafts manufacturing to ultra-modern communication systems and special spaceports (space equivalent of airport) from where commercial space flights will be operated round the clock. The exact location is a highly guarded secret known only to the country's highest authority in order to avoid speculative land deals and sudden jump in prices.

The government is also likely to announce its new space policy. And if things go as per the planning, a full-fledged 'Space Ayog' may also be formed by the next government in 2018 on the lines of the newly formed Niti Ayog.

In the first phase of the Mangalam project, MRWL is going to start booking for it's first plotting scheme "Mangalgram" on Mars. The scheme is being implemented in about 50000 acres of Marsland identified and reserved for the purpose. Plots of 1 acre, 5 acres and 10 acres will be offered on first-come-first basis from April 1, as per the sources close to MRWL. MRWL plans to employ experienced hands involved in projects like Lavasa city being built near Pune and Amby Valley, Lonavala started by now bankrupt Sahara Group. MRWL is understood to have decided to come out with its own glossy publication "AllThingsS" very soon.

Upbeat with the success of world's most cost effective flight to Mars, Indian scientists - at ISRO and also at other private  research organizations - have been asked to work overtime to enhance the speed of 'Manglayan' at least by 300x in order to reduce the journey time from 300 days to 24 hrs. A senior scientist working on the project silently told F4Fnews that the government and the builders lobby are asking us to achieve what the entire world knows is impossible - 670 million kilometers in 24 hours! "Still, we are hopeful that due to Mangal's special love for India, we may be able to achieve this unbelievable breakthrough speed and magical results of our research may start coming just before the next General Elections," he revealed in a spur of excitement.

When asked who will buy plots in unknown planet and in such a impossible looking project, a spokeswoman of MRWL, on condition of anonymity (OCOA), said : "We have already started receiving inquiries and people are ready to even give premium on undeclared price in order to own a piece of their dream land." "When people on earth can buy real estate without even seeing the location and without asking the price, there is no reason for them to miss this golden opportunity to be among the first to visit Mars. People having plots will get priority, as well as concession, when commercial space flights begin," she added. 

In view of intense competition from the US, Russia and China, PM Modi is understood to be in no mood to leave anything to chance. "We want to be the first to colonize 'Mangal' and stake our claim of ownership before anyone else can even land there. Indians have a special place for 'Mangal' in their hearts and from that aspect also we have the natural right of inheritance," F4Fnews is sure PM Modi would have replied, if we had asked him about his comments.

Although the public, in general, is very happy and feels proud for the country's Manglayan achievement, F4Fnews has come to know that a number of leading astrologers have warned of very serious consequences of feeling a sense of conquering Mangal. They advise that people may go there, live and work but they must accept the supremacy of 'Mangal.' They must lead a simple and honest life. Obscene behavior is strictly not tolerable.  Any human activity that can make Mangal uncomfortable, even very slightly, can prove to be very dangerous. "People must know that Mangal's short-tempered nature is quite different from earth's. Unlike Mangal, Earth is supposed to be quite tolerant which is why humans have been shamelessly abusing earth’s resources from centuries. Mangal will allow humans to live there only if they live like humans," said a top religious figure (OCOA), who claimed he was not at all associated with either Baba Ramdev or Sri Sri Sri or, for that matter, Sangh Parivar. "There are millions of young boys and girls in India who face difficulties in finding a suitable match for marriage due to their being 'Mangali'. Their marriage may jeopardize forever even if a handful of visitors to Mangal try to do anything which is considered immoral or illegal," he warned.

We, at F4Fnews, feel that if humans are required to follow such high ethical standards and live a pure and honest life, then the government should have a rethink about the entire Mangalgram project as it would be extremely difficult to get enough number of qualified people to make the project feasible. Even if we try to get people from overseas, it may not be workable. Quite clearly, the risks are high and NOT worth taking.

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