Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Obama may seek Amit Shah's expertise

The news of Amit Shah's unprecedented success in revitalizing his party through his mastery in attracting even the party's best critics is making rounds not only in India but have reached to the corridors of 'White House', the world's biggest power center. Shah, supposed to be the No. 2 in BJP, is perceived to be the man behind BJP's massive success in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, J&K, Jharkhand and to a large extent in Maharashtra. His secret formula magically makes ex-stalwarts of opposition parties to suddenly start praising his boss and then eventually join the party they have been fighting against throughout their political life.

Obama is understood to have been advised by a Think Tank of experts in Indo-US affairs (Tea-party equivalent), suspected to be guided by Dr. Subramanian Swamy, to take out some time from his busy official schedule during his forthcoming 3-day visit to India on January 25 and unofficially meet Amit Shah to learn the tricks of silencing his Republican opponents. Obama is believed to be quite impressed by the idea and is keen to try Shah's magic formula so that the top Republican leaders start praising him. "If Shah succeeds in satisfying Obama, India can expect large scale demand of Shah's skills from leaders all around the world who are either prominent or want to be prominent," said a source close to Dr. Swamy and sympathetic to F4Fnews. However, in view of the high stakes vested in Shah, there are indications that his Saheb may not desire the Obama-Shah meeting to take place. "Already, Shah has been asked to remain out of Delhi during Obama's visit on the pretext of ensuring foolproof security for Obama from possible threats from sensitive parts of India other than Delhi," said another source who likes reading F4Fnews in spite of the warning not to read. 

Whether Shah meets Obama or not, will be clear in a few days. However, we tried to go little deep into Shah's magic formula. When asked how he manages these tall leaders from parties like Congress and AAP to join his party, Shah reportedly told a friendly reporter who in turn revealed to F4Fnews (OCOA) : "Generally, our policy is not to contact anybody to join our party, or for that matter, to speak great in favour of the Saheb. In most cases these leaders see a bright future in BJP and come to us via their contacts of different kinds. They submit their detailed proposals and after due diligence, a special committee belonging to our "Center for Pulling and/or Pushing Non-BJP Leaders to BJP (CPP-NBL2B)" is asked to approve the finally selected names.
In a yet to be conducted interview with Amit Shah, F4Fnews expects him to say this : "What you are seeing is just a trailer. The real game will start after we form the government in Delhi. I have the target of bringing BJP to power in 25 states before the 2019 General Elections and I can't achieve this if I rely only on leaders who have joined us so far as they are nearing their (political) expiry date. To effectively deal with the increasing unrest from the within, the party will have to concentrate on attractive local talent from states like West Bengal, Tamilnadu and Kerela. We hope to neutralize the internal opposition by importing supporting leaders from parties ruling in these states. And, with our policy of promoting talent over seniority, you will see an exodus of leaders en mass from these parties. You will find these parties where Congress is today."

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