Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Putin reveals his large heart and love for Italian actress Ornella Muti

According to RT, the leading Russian media network, a court in the Italian city of Pordenone has announced a verdict against Italian actress Ornella Muti for remaining absent in a play organized by Verdi Theater in Pordenone on December 10, 2010. She has been sentenced to eight months in prison or a fine of 30,000 euros for submitting a fake medical certificate to justify her absence.

The Verdi Theater, however, sued the actress as she was found to be present at a charity dinner with then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and American actor Kevin Costner in Russia’s St. Petersburg, il Giornale.
Ornella Muti and Vladimir Putin "Federation" charity event (Picture Source : BBC)
F4Fnews has learned from it's sources from Kremlin that Putin, within minutes of learning about the sentence given to his favourite actress, issued a cheque of 30,000 euros in the name of Giuseppe Verdi Municipal Theatre and sent to the court authorities on her behalf.

We are trying to ascertain the real location of the check right now. So far, we have not heard anything from either the actress or the Pordenone city court. When contacted, the Verdi Theatre authorities preferred to remain silent.

Putin's cheque is being seen as a friendly gesture by Russians, in general. But theatre lovers in Italy are up in arms against Putin. They see this as Putin's yet another attempt to humiliate Europeans. Reports from the US also indicate that president Obama has made a special note of this cheque and is believed to have instructed his administration to thoroughly probe into the hidden sources of Putin's wealth for further strengthening the sanctions.

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