Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dawood Ibrahim captured and killed in Osama bin Laden style in Karachi

Dawood Ibrahim

In what can be termed as ‘India’s most daring and secret operation’, India has been able to achieve what all top politicians and people of this country were all craving for decades. Even the entire Bollywood community was tired of Dawood’s bullying.

Faking4Fun has received a report from its fake reporter from Karachi that - after a leading Indian news channel broadcast Dawood’s audio tape informing where he was - home minister Rajnath Singh was so furious that he immediately demanded from Pakistan to hand over Dawood to India. Denied, he managed to outsource a highly coveted ‘HeavySeals’ – a leading private security and assault agency of Russia whose CEO is supposed to be quite close to Russian president Vladimir Putin. 

A 2-member HeavySeals team was hired last night at the recommendation of Putin, who according to our fake source had established a close rapport with home minister besides PM Narendra Modi. 

Osama bin Laden
According to reports being received from Moscow by F4F news, it is understood that the ‘HeavySeals’ assault operation – a ditto replication of American operation involving Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 2, 2011 – took place at 2.30AM IST. We have not been able to verify whether home minister and his core team watched the live operation the way Obama had done from White House. We have also not been able to confirm whether PM Modi was informed by home minister prior to undertaking the assault operation. According to our fake reporter from New Delhi it is highly likely that Rajnath Singh in his excitement to impress his boss may not have even told him about this operation.

Further details of this 7-star operation are awaited from New Delhi and Karachi by F4F news. We are even trying to verify the authenticity of this news because this looks highly improbable, if not impossible, that India can undertake such an operation and that too, without the involvement of our strongman – PM Modi.

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