Saturday, August 12, 2017

Donald Trump to be Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

F4Fnews has learned from its knowledgeable DC sources at the Washington Ghost that the Norwegian Nobel Committee is seriously considering awarding the Nobel Peace Prize for 2017 to President Donald Trump. The Committee will be abandoning the normal selection process and bypassing all the 318 nominations it has received this year. 

Unidentified sources, close to Trump @ Golf, have confirmed that President Trump has been lobbying for the coveted prize from the moment he was declared as the winner of the Presidential elections. His main contention is that when Barack Obama can be awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize in anticipation of his goals of nuclear disarmament, he too should be awarded the Peace Prize because he is actively working to eliminate those who are acquiring the nuclear capability.

"Look at my 'fire and fury' message to North Korea. It has shaken the entire world. Isn't this message going to force the rogue Kim Jong-un to come begging for talks? Isn't it going to enhance world peace. What did Obama do? Look what they are saying now: "Nobel committee made mistake as Obama failed to fulfil the committee’s expectations," Trump has been quoted as saying by the Fake Amazon Washington Ghost. Washington Ghost, a new DC publication, is understood to be fully supported by top WH leakers.

F4Fnews DC sources claim that they have in possession a personal letter written by President Trump to the Chair of the Nobel Committee asking her to award him the 2017 Peace Prize. "Look, I am working very hard to be at peace with North Korea. Even I am ready to nuke them for our peace. If I don't get this year's Prize then naturally I am going to feel very bad. Very disappointed. Let me tell you that you gave the 2009 Peace Prize to a wrong person. It was your mistake. Even now you can correct that mistake by taking back that award and giving it to me. You won't get better person than me," Trump is understood to have written in his letter according to some fake, but very influential, WH leakers. F4Fnews has not been able to assess WH leakers' claim that they enjoy very close contacts with their counterparts at the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which is is responsible for selecting the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. 

"As of now it looks almost certain that if Donald Trump is able to continue with his intensive threats to North Korea and at the same time if he is able to play golf, then it would be difficult for the world community to deny him the Nobel Peace Prize," a golf course marshal told Washington Ghost. The marshal claimed he overheard Trump asking his close aides to press for his Nobel prize.

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The story may or may not develop.

F4Fnews will update this story as and when any new information is made available to our news production facility, which was revived and upgraded recently. 

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Friday, July 28, 2017

WH Advt.: Wanted AG (Attorney General) Urgently!

The ongoing war of words between President Trump and his attorney general Jeff Sessions, by now, has become the subject of global debates, never ever witnessed anywhere in the world. Although tons of newsprint has been consumed to describe and highlight the stand-off between Trump and Sessions, one small classified advertisement has so far remained unnoticed by all the media types - MSM, Fake News media, Right Wing media (Real), Social media (both fake/real) and so on.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Donald Trump invites Barack Obama to be his special adviser

According to sources from the MSM Fake News Network (FNN) of America, President Donald Trump has appealed to Barack Obama to be his special adviser for the remaining period of his presidency. It is believed that the idea of having Obama as the special adviser originated from President Trump's daughter, Ivanka Marie Trump, who is currently an adviser to her father. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

BREAKING : Harvard University Announces '6-month Tea Selling Experience' Compulsory for All Admissions

A tea stall vendor poses while wearing a mask of BJP
prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in Kolkata. 

After proposing to award Hon Doctorate to India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Harvard, world's top university, has made a revolutionary change in its admission policy. 

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi has clearly proved that "a son of a poor mother", like him, can manage India's complex economy in a much better way than highly experienced Harvard-educated professional economists some of whom are even Nobel Laureates," Drew Faust, President of Harvard University, is supposed to have said in a yet to be released press note. Ms. Faust was clearly referring to the recent election speech of Modi in which he claimed that his decision of demonetizing India's high-value currency notes - called NoteBandi - was a great decision. Modi also gave GDP growth figures and other data in support of his claim.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

PM Narendra Modi likely to be awarded Honorary Doctorate degrees by Harvard & Oxford Universities

Nobody is happier than PM Narendra Modi from the announcement of the Central Statistics Office (CSO), Ministry Of Statistics & Programme Implementation, Government Of India, informing the world that India's GDP in Q3 of the FY 16-17, grew by 7%. 

PM Narendra Modi, in a hard-hitting election speech in UP, strongly devalued those who were predicting that India's GDP would be badly hit due to his decision of demonetization 500 and 1000-rupee notes - comprising 86.4% of the total value of currency  in circulation - under his biggest drive against black money, terrorism and fake currency menace.