Friday, July 28, 2017

WH Advt.: Wanted AG (Attorney General) Urgently!

The ongoing war of words between President Trump and his attorney general Jeff Sessions, by now, has become the subject of global debates, never ever witnessed anywhere in the world. Although tons of newsprint has been consumed to describe and highlight the stand-off between Trump and Sessions, one small classified advertisement has so far remained unnoticed by all the media types - MSM, Fake News media, Right Wing media (Real), Social media (both fake/real) and so on.

F4Fnews has just come across a classified advt. that reportedly originated from the White House. The advt. is reproduced below:
WH Advt.: 
Wanted AG (Attorney General) Urgently! The candidate should be capable of providing foolproof plan to remove the current AG. Thereafter, s/he should be able to smoothly fire his deputy immediately after getting appointment. Once this is done, s/he must be capable of delivering Russia Probe results, on an urgent basis, as required by the President. H/She must then proceed with the Hillary Clinton's email probe and ensure that HRC is put in jail before the President is impeached, indicted or jailed. The successful candidate would be given free hand to fire Special Counsel, if necessary. Also, s/he can select deputy of her/his choice from the list provided by the President. The President reserves the right to fire the newly appointed AG whenever he feels fit or unfit. Send your CV and detailed action plan addressed directly to the President @ his Trump Tower postal address.
According to some unknown sources close to some unknown heavyweights, the advt. was released by some unknown well-wishers of the President working inside and outside of the WH to provide immediate relief to their boss who quite often gets short-term severe bouts of anxiety and anger. It is not yet clear whether the President knows about this advt. or not. 

Our sources, who have never provided anything useful so far to F4Fnews, claim that every minute detail of the advt. has been kept a closely guarded secret and it seems even President's newly appointed Communication chief is not aware of the existence of this advt. 

However, there are also rumours circulating that the WH Communication chief is working on a secret mission to bring an end to the Russia-related probe, and if that was not possible, then the end of the current administration so that he can go back to his previous Wall Street job. 

The story may or may not develop.

F4Fnews will update this story as and when any new information is made available by our news production facility, which was revived and upgraded recently. 

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