Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Donald Trump invites Barack Obama to be his special adviser

According to sources from the MSM Fake News Network (FNN) of America, President Donald Trump has appealed to Barack Obama to be his special adviser for the remaining period of his presidency. It is believed that the idea of having Obama as the special adviser originated from President Trump's daughter, Ivanka Marie Trump, who is currently an adviser to her father. 

"In view of the worsening of Trump's Russia scandal, his daughter Ivanka feels that Obama, having an 8 years of experience of real presidency, can teach him how to be really presidential and run the administration," said Prof. Faker Bigly who has taught the 'Art of Faking' at the Trump University for more than 10 years. Prof. Bigly told this to the MSM FNN. Our efforts to get in touch with Prof. Bigly have not been materialized so far.

According to some reliable fake news reporters, operating from the surroundings of the White House, Ivanka herself approached Obama with the multi-million offer from her father. Some sources have claimed that Ivanka gave the offer through Michelle via a common friend who is not known to President Trump. F4Fnews has learned that Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, were initially skeptical of Ivanka's idea but ultimately agreed when told that Barack Obama gladly accepted $400,000 for his speech at a healthcare conference to be organized by the Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald in September, and he might accept this offer, too.

When F4Fnews sources contacted their sources, who are supposed to be very close to President Obama's close friends, they were told that it was just impossible for them to believe that Obamas could ever entertain any such offer from Trump & Co. They felt that President Trump and his family members were trying to divert the attention of the country from the Russian inquiry which was progressing very fast and was likely to catch hold of the President himself. Prof. Bigly is understood to be very close to the MSM FNN. "We will soon see a very explosive revelation regarding the existence of Trump-Putin Facetime recordings from the so-called 'fake news network' or FNN," Prof. Bigly was quoted as telling sources who were once very close to Trump but have now migrated to Russia.

F4Fnews is keeping a close watch on this sensitive story which, by all means, appears to be really fake.

F4Fnews will update this story as and when any new information is made available by our news production facility, which was revived and upgraded recently. 

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