Thursday, March 2, 2017

PM Narendra Modi likely to be awarded Honorary Doctorate degrees by Harvard & Oxford Universities

Nobody is happier than PM Narendra Modi from the announcement of the Central Statistics Office (CSO), Ministry Of Statistics & Programme Implementation, Government Of India, informing the world that India's GDP in Q3 of the FY 16-17, grew by 7%. 

PM Narendra Modi, in a hard-hitting election speech in UP, strongly devalued those who were predicting that India's GDP would be badly hit due to his decision of demonetization 500 and 1000-rupee notes - comprising 86.4% of the total value of currency  in circulation - under his biggest drive against black money, terrorism and fake currency menace. 

The COC data proved that the NoteBandi did not have any impact on the growth rate of the economy as was being predicted by Pundits of economics including Harvard professor and Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen and Oxford-educated Dr. Manmohan Singh. 

Amartya Sen had described Modi's decision as a "despotic action” that betrayed the “authoritarian nature of the government”. Manmohan Singh, on the other hand, had termed Modi's NoteBandi as "organized loot and legalized plunder," plus "monumental management failure." 

PM Modi addressed the election rallies claiming that the success of his NoteBandi decision was a victory for the economic policies of 'a poor mother's son' over the 'distinguished community of Harvard and Oxford educated intellectuals' all of whom had opposed NoteBandi saying it was going to be miserable for the country. All their predictions have proved wrong. "We have shown them that 'Hard Work' is more powerful than 'Harvard' University (education/degree)," Modi told the crowd. 

F4F news has just learned from some nasty sources (mostly of Indian origin) at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (USA), that the University administration has taken PM Modi's statement very seriously and is planning to institute an inquiry in order to find out the shortcomings in the courses being offered and/or in any of their faculty. The study is likely to include alumina also who are bringing a bad name to the world famous institution. A source from Oxford University told us that even Oxford was planning to join Harvard so that they can have a joint study.

So far, we have not been able to establish any contact with Drew Faust, President of Harvard University, for her comments and about any future course correction. But if her recent views expressed at the Freshman Convocation Address to the Class of 2020, are any indication, Ms. Faust would be too willing to honor PM Modi for his achievements.
"Talk a lot; listen even more. Engage wholeheartedly in that search for truth — in your personal and your academic life. Take the risk of being wrong. It is the best way to learn and grow. And listen generously so that others may take risks, too."

F4Fnews just got hold of some close associates of Ms. Faust who told us - of course, on condition of anonymity - that Harvard President Drew Faust was fully aware of Modi's achievements and claims. In fact, Harvard's federal relations team in Washington, D.C. was already trying to find from their White House sources whether President Trump would feel offended if the University decided to award an Honorary Ph.D. to PM Narendra Modi. The decision to award the degree, it appears, has already been taken by the Harvard management. Our sources at Oxford University are of the opinion that an honorary degree from Oxford would not be a problem at all once Harvard clears the honor.

F4Fnews is trying to contact Amartya Sen and Manmohan Singh to get their comments but we don't expect any kind of opposition from them if their respective alma mater decides to honor PM Narendra Modi, a poor mother's son, for his outstanding achievements in the field of world economics.

The story is developing. F4Fnews will continue to keep you informed of any major updates.

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