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How Venkaiah Discovered God's Gift?

Union minister for Urban development Venkaiah Naidu, on March 21, 2016, made a strikingly profound statement declaring Prime Minister Narendra Modi as "God's gift to India" and also a "messiah of the poor". He said so at the BJP's national executive meeting in New Delhi. The statement is seen as part of the Resolution at BJP's National Executive meeting.

Ever since Venkaiah termed Narendra Modi as "God's gift to India", we at F4Fnews, have been flooded with inquiries regarding Venkaiah's new discovery about Narendra Modi. A large number of people, cutting across the party line, have been asking how did Venkaiah come to know about this fact and why he took almost two years to tell this to the people of India after Modi became Prime Minister. Some people think by hiding this vital fact from the public Venkaiah and his party have cheated them. "After all, any gift given by anyone to India, automatically makes people of the country the custodians of that gift," they feel. The outrage of the people is distinctly visible on the Social Media like Twitter and Facebook where they have shared their mixed feelings.

For example, Gaurav Sharma, a Modi supporter, hit back and asked what's wrong if Venkaiah said that. "We all believe so. Is Gandhi family the only god gift to India?" in response to one Prerna Bakshi's tweet "No limit to Modi bhakti. Is that why he's been made the PM?"

F4Fnews had earlier identified a senior correspondent, who covers GRO (God Related Office), and assigned him the job of finding out the truth behind Venkaiah's claim. Surprisingly, Venkaiah's claim has so far gone unchallenged even by prominent organisations that claim to protect Hindu beliefs and values. 

If what Venkaiah said is considered true then several obvious questions that arise are :
  • When & How Venkaiah came to know that NaMo was God's gift?
  • Who told him? Did Venkaiah directly learn from God or His sources?
  • As the gift happens to be the PM of India since last 2 years, in all likelihood, the gift must have been given before that. In that case, who decided as to who would receive the gift? 
  • Did Venkaiah receive the gift directly from God? What about the receipt of the gift?
  • Why Venkaiah took two years to declare about the gift? 
  • Information about the Gift Tax liability on the Indian government, if any. 
Apart from above, numerous other questions being asked are : Was the gift from a Hindu God? Coming directly from God, there may be some religious way to follow for the disposable of the gift in case people of India find the gift unmanageable and/or unusable. Also, whether any exchange of the gift possible or not?

When our correspondent started his work, he started getting threatening calls from some miscreants with the warning that he would be killed if he ever went to GRO to carry on the investigation. Ultimately, we withdrew him and appointed his boss to initiate the probe secretely. F4Fnews is glad to share the highlights of his report. The relevant supporting documents from the GRO are with F4Fnews.

The chief operating officer of the GRO confirmed that a gift was indeed sent to India in 2014, before the General Election, by God to the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. But the Congress High Command decided not to reveal this to the country because of the fear that it would reveal the election results even without having one and they would get not a single seat. The Gift of God, which was in fact, a letter from God describing NaMo as a gift from Him who would soon take over as the prime minister. The letter was filed and forgotten by the PM. "The top congress leadership knew about their defeat even before the election but still they were having secret prayer meetings day and night urging God to take back the gift but as the results showed later, their prayers had no effect and Narendra Modi became PM as per the letter from the GRO. Our investigation officer was provided a photocopy of the sacred GRO letter which has been kept by F4Fnews at a safe place.

Our investigation officer's New Delhi source, very close to the Urban Development minister Venkaiah, told him about what he accidentally observed Venkaiah doing in his office on March 20, 2016 at night, just one day prior to his explosive disclosure. The source informed him : "I saw Venkaiah laughing madly in his office holding a paper in his hands which was perhaps picked up by him from the file that was lying on his table. He was alone in the office. When he saw me, he was taken aback for a moment but immediately took charge of himself and shared with me the letter he found in the file urging me to keep this confidential."

F4Fnews team, therefore, feels that there was a deliberate attempt, by the Congress high command, to hide the GRO letter which clearly mentioned that Narendra Modi was a God's gift to India and would soon be the PM of the country. Hence, allegation that Venkaiah was resorting to sycophancy was totally baseless. He simply told the nation what he found written in the GRO letter which can't be disputed. 

F4F also feels that once the RSS leadership comes to know about this letter, their displeasure would disappear immediately. They will realize that Modi's praise comes directly from God. RSS can't afford to speak anything against God.

Now the main question that arises from the whole episode is : after all, why did God thought it fit to declare, and give a letter of endorsement, that Narendra Modi was His gift to India?

F4Fnews is trying to find out the exact reason for this as well as what this Gift means for India. To understand the process of GRO declaring such gifts to different countries also needs to be looked into. We are trying to also find out whether President Obama has got any similar letter declaring Donald Trump to be the God's gift to America. We hope our continued investigations will be quite revealing. The understanding of the gift giving mechanism of God and the role of GRO will also help different nations to devise their own techniques to get their desired gifts from God instead of just accepting whatever comes from the GRO in the name of God.

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