Sunday, June 3, 2018

BREAKING: Trump Pardons Russia

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F4Fnews has just learned from some viable sources from Kremlin that President Trump has signed an order pardoning Russia from any wrongdoings whatsoever. The order clearly mentions that the so called wrongdoings of Russia are in fact "the result of deep state anti-Russian conspiracies of our previous governments." The sources also claimed that they had the copy of the tweet that Mr. Trump was going to tweet at a future date convenient to him in view of the ongoing Russia investigation by Robert Mueller

When asked whether the president had the power to pardon a country as a whole like his recent announcements of wholesale pardons, the White House officials told F4Fnews, on condition of anonymity that Trump thought he had the full and final authority all over the country on all matters including pardoning and/or punishing anyone and/or any country.

The contents of the leaked tweet of Mr. Trump reads something like this: 

"I have given a Full Pardon to Russia today. Russia was treated very unfairly by all our previous governments! This order also automatically pardons any person or any entity in any part of the world having any connection - criminal or illegal - with Russia or Mr. Vladimir Putin."

F4Fnews learned of the above tweet from a source who is very close to a person who helped Putin to draft it before sending it to Mr. Trump along with the release instructions, as claimed by the source.

F4Fnews is keeping a close watch on this sensitive story which, by all means, appears to be really fake.

F4Fnews will update this story as and when any new information is made available by our news production facility, which was revived and upgraded recently. 

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