Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hillary won't run for President in 2016 : Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton, in an early morning press meet today, informed that his family had a marathon meeting last night to discuss whether or not Hillary should run for President in 2016 elections. 

"After considering all the pros and cons, we found that since her chances of winning are very thin, we decided that she should keep herself out of the race," Bill Clinton said. 

According to him, Hillary was upset initially but soon realized the ground realities and agreed not to pursue her ambition further.

When Hillary was adamant on her decision to try her luck, "I bluntly told her that she could do so at her own risk," Bill said. "I am not going to campaign for you not because I don't want to see you become President but my experience tells me that you are not made for the job and I can't see you lose again," he told Hillary. 

"The media reports have also predicted about Hillary's fate quite correctly, which was another reason for us to caution her against the elections," he told a handful of press-persons present at the meet.

F4Fnews feels that this story of Clinton could be an April Fools item, and therefore, not worth tracking further.

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